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"Pixie" (Zaiynde)




Morpheus, Zied

Base of Operation

The Dreamlands


Necromancy, Witchcraft, Sorcery


Chaotic Good


Alive & Active

Hecate is the self-proclaimed goddess of sorcery, necromancy, and other "dark arts." Despite this, she is a benevolent spirit, although her personality can often come off as blunt, sardonic, and demanding. Hecate is a constant companion of Karma. Her former lover is Morpheus.



Immortal Lovers


Modern Era


Dark Visitant


In Karma's own words, Hecate acts very "uncouth for a goddess." She is loud, foul-mouthed, and quick to anger, though the events preceeding the Shadow of Death have mellowed her out slightly.

Regardless, Hecate is genuinely good at heart, despite her talent for "dark arts" and necromancy. Often times, she has communicated with the souls of the dead, granting them peace before moving on. Even though she knows how, Hecate will never mind-shackle any deceased being to do her will (except in emergencies)- all the dead who serve her do so of their own volition. She views them as human, rather than tools of battle.

Hecate's greatest fear is death. Long ago, she and her former lover Morpheus took up the art of necromancy in order to search for a way to cheat death. In the modern multiverse, Hecate uses necromancy as a way to confront her fear.

Hecate holds deep regrets from certain atrocities she and Morpheus committed long ago when they were still lovers. These regrets have given her low self-esteem, which she masks with brashness and an insistence to help others.


In most of the Modern Era, Hecate, having lost her original body, has taken the form of a tiny, glowing blue ball of light with dragonfly-like wings. Her normal, human form dons flowing blue robes, a blue witch's hat, long, dark auburn hair, and red eyes.


  • Sorcery/Witchcraft
    • Hecate is learned in the magical arts
    • She is proficient in elemental and shadow-based magics
    • She is decent at potion-making
  • Necromancy
    • Hecate has a personal army of dead spirits that she commands
    • She can reanimate deceased bodies, or bind parts of deceased bodies together into a new construct
    • She can pass souls from one container to another, including her own
  • Limited Magic-Based Imaginative Manifestation
    • Hecate can shape magic force into any solid shape she can imagine
    • This allows her to create Elder-Signs of nearly any size and power-scale, limited by her own stamina.
  • Elder-Sign Lore
    • Hecate's Elder-Signs give her the capability of restraining or even banishing many powerful Elder Gods.
  • Dreamer


  • Hecate's fairy-like form and her friendship with Karma are nods to the Legend of Zelda companions that aid the hero Link in his various quests- most notably Navi. Her snarky habits are a nod to Tatl and Midna.

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