The "Hidden Truths" are four ancient technological artifacts left over from the extinct Masters and said to reside on the four most distant realms in the material universe - being the final reminders of the Masters left since the great betrayal which cost them their existence as a species.

The Hidden Truths

  • Eden Bomb (a device capable of repopulating extinct worlds once activated)
  • Sin Bullet (a device that can wipe out all traces of external corruption on a world once triggered)
  • Babel Port (a device that can both unite and separate worlds via creating and destroying the psychic links that allow inter-species communication)
  • Hades Engine (a device that allows unlimited energy utilizing any resource imaginable)


The "Hidden Truths" will appear in the Shadow of Death, where they have become the cores of four artifacts stretched across space/time.

  • Tower of Adam (Babel Port)
  • Tower of Eve (Sin Bullet)
  • Throne of Kings (Eden Bomb)
  • Tree of Life (Hades Engine)

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