Hollow is an extra-terrestrial wanderer who will make his debute appearance in Phoenix Enigma, he is the first and so far only member of the Ursa race to appear in the Villains multiverse.


Hollow was born to Colony XV, the artificial home-world of the Ursa people following the conquest of their true home-world by the Metal Wraiths: always fascinated with other cultures Ursa trained long and hard to earn the privilage of travelling to far-off worlds as a wanderer tasked with collecting information for his people as well as upholding the Ursa tradition of righting wrongs and upholding justice wherever he goes (though he only upholds justice as his people percieve it, making him enemies amongst those who don't share his beliefs).


Hollow resembles a humanoid polar bear with blue fur and tribal marking around his face, arms and chest - he wears the traditional Ursa uniform of silver armor embedded with numerous crystals, the uniform shrinks and grows with him and repairs itself if damaged due to the crystals (which are semi-sentient).

Powers / Abilities

Hollow is able to alter his size at will, the smaller he becomes the more durable his physical body becomes and likewise the larger Hollow becomes the weaker and more vulnerable he becomes: for this reason Hollow prefers to stay relatively small. Hollow is also an empathic "void" - making it extremely difficult to manipulate his thoughts or emotions.

In addition Hollow is naturally very strong (though not quite superhuman) with sharp claws, fangs and an ability to track scents.

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