Hour Detective is a superhero from the Victors Universe who fought and died in the Shadow of Death crisis (though he appeared in other stories before this and a "temporal clone" continues to function in the Victors Universe due to the laws of the Multiverse being different, however he is effectively "dead" to the Villains Multiverse as he can never return to the Villains Multiverse - there is a slim possibilty of him encountering a traveller to the Victors Universe however).


Hour Detective is a hi-tech superhero and detective-for-hire who utilizes his genius to help solve seemingly impossible crimes, defeat criminals masterminds and aid in law-enforcement, emergency relief and peacekeeping as and when needed.

Having always been a gifted child Hour Detective grew up to become a freelance hero known as "Clock Man" and had a side-kick called "Clock Boy" - the duo often being mocked for their unusual appearance and names but nevertheless still beloved by those who they regularly fought to defend.

It was on midnight that this partnership came to a tragic end when Clock Boy was lured into a trap by the supervillain known as Death Watch Beetle and killed, this would cause "Clock Man" to give up his name and become Hour Detective.

As part of his new life he took to wearing a mask that covered his entire face, depicting a clock with both hands pointing to 12: a reminder of that fateful moment he lost a side-kick and friend.

Death Watch Beetle was never captured and remains one of Hour Detective's main priorities and one of the few supervillains who knows that Hour Detective was once Clock Man and his grief over the death of Clock Boy.

Powers / Abilities

  1. Detective Skills (this character is extremely gifted in the numerous skills associated with detective work)
  2. Gunsmith (this character is skilled in the use of firearms as well as the creation of small-scale guns)
  3. Trick-Bombs (this character has a selection of trick-bombs which can emit smoke, electricity, foam or other exotic items (most of which are non-lethal) )
  4. Hand-To-Hand Combat (this character is well versed in hand-to-hand combat)
  5. Genius (this character has genius-level intelligence on multiple fields but is not quite superhuman)

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