House of Lights -> Carnival of Lights -> Return of The Sky Castle

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

It was a cold winter's evening in the mid 1960s, during the height of the "hippy" movement in North America - though such things seemed somewhat distant in the remote wilderness that spread for miles in every direction with nothing but a long highway to remind travellers of human interference with the land.

Standing in the middle of the wilderness was a large house that looked very out of place amidst the vast expanses of emptiness - it's multiple windows shone a bluish light into the night, eerie yet somehow beautiful at the same time.

It would just so happen that an old-fashioned bus would find its way to this strange building as it made its way along the highway - delivering a number of individuals across the states, though the engine had recently begun to show signs of trouble and sure enough the bus came to a stop.

"..goddamnit.. just what I need.. piece of crap.." the driver mutters as he hits the bus in frustation.

"well folks, looks like we'll need to camp here for the night.." a middle-aged man in a business suit said, looking to the other passengers.

" way.. there's gotta be a phone or something.. come on.." a blonde-haired man in a white shirt replied, starting to exit the bus.

"..hey! where you going!? get back here!" the driver complains, yet his complaints fall on deaf ears as more passengers exit the bus.

"people! please! let's try to stick to together!" the middle-aged man yells out as he follows the crowd, clearly trying to take some form of command as they all head towards the house.

(ooc: edit below if you wish to join, it is set in the 1960s and as you may of guessed is not your average story: at least at the beginning)

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