Hubris started his life as a homeless youth constantly on the run from the law as well as the vicious street-gangs that plagued his neighborhood - one day he would stumble across a mysterious stranger and become the next host of the spirit of vengeance known as Nemesis and thus the legend of Hubris began..


Peter Kings was a troubled youth, his family having been killed in a tragic boating-accident - leaving him alone and he fled the care home he was assigned to, living a year and a half on his own in the streets were he was harassed by Skulls and Ferals as well as having a near-fatal encounter with Runt which left him even more afraid and isolated than he was before.

Peter was on the verge of giving into his despair when one night while sitting on a bridge contemplating ending his suffering he was approached by an old man dressed in rags, frightened at first he told the old man he had nothing of value and if he was going to kill him to do it - that he had nothing to live for anyway.

To Peter's surprise the old man told him he was not there to harm him and that he did have something to live for: namely vengeance on those that had wronged him, he claimed to be the host of a spirit of vengeance named Nemesis and said that while he was growing too old to sustain its power it had chosen Peter as its new host.

Peter was understandably skeptical of these claims at first but was convinced when the old man demonstrated some of his power by transporting himself and Peter away from the bridge and Peter agreed to become the new Hubris, a dark avenger of the wronged and living embodiment of the often harsh "justice" of revenge.


Hubris feeds off negativity such as hate, anger or fear and amplifies his physical and mental attributes continually as a result - this makes him one of the most dangerous and powerful opponents possible, especially since his link to the spirit of vengeance (Nemesis) means that only the most powerful of psychic or magical attacks can penetrate his mind. Hubris is also able to transfer across dimensions at will and sense/communicate with mystical-beings and spirits - Hubris is unique in the fact his physical attacks are also effective against aforementioned mystical-beings and spirits unless they are of incredible power.


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