Nightcore - Children Of Darkness03:15

Nightcore - Children Of Darkness

Iconoclast's battle theme

Iconoclast is a superhuman vigilante devoted to punishing law-enforcement and vigilantes who fight crime, he also actively breaks criminals and dangerous patients out of superhuman prisons and psychiatric wards - believing that society victimizes the criminal he is devoted to defending all who are "persecuted" under law, no matter how vile or dangerous they may be..

Powers / Abilities

  • Auto-Genesis (Iconoclast has the ability to form smaller clones of himself at will, these clones are semi-independent but can be reabsorbed into his main body at will)
  • Parasitic Control (Iconoclast can produce small parasitic worms from his skin that latch onto others and grant him limited control over their movement (puppet-mastery) )




Headhunter / Derek Scott / Elite Hunting / Iconoclast / Stitches / Muse / Teddy Lee / Wallflower

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