- WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD: the following article contains spoilers to do with the future of Inferno and the Pendragon series - read at own risk -

"..this isn't fair! what did we ever do to you?!" ~ Para

"You were born.. that is crime enough.." ~ Ignis


"My father was nothing like you!" ~ Dox

"..Indeed.. which is why he is dead.. the Once and Future King.. ruling over the ashes of failure.." ~ Ignis

Ignis is an upcoming antagonist created by General Earl Dean as an experimental Cyclone robot based on Inferno Pendragon - for use against those who utilized the Twilight Force (Para, Dox and Sangria).

Ignis, like many A.I., would ultimately betray General Dean and become a rogue unit who follows his own rules when it comes to the elimination of users of the Twilight Force.

The creation of Ignis is one of main events that trigger Red's transformation into Carmine - effectively breaking her faith in humanity and embittering her towards mainstream Earth..

Ignis' ultimate goal is to eliminate all beings capable of utilizing the Twilight Force so as to become the new Twilight Emperor (a title once used by Inferno before he turned to the side of good).


(to be confirmed)


(Usual Appearance): Standing in at nearly 8ft in height Ignis has a streamlined build and has dark skin with visible circuitry running through it much as a living being has veins, a pair of large wings sprout out of his back and also have circuitry running through them, though he can fold them back when not in use - he has long silver hair and pointy ears with eyes that glow red with no irises.

(Robotic Bodies) <vary depending on story>

Powers / Abilities

Ignis is a powerful and dangerous adversary who can adapt to varied situations, making his exact powers and abilities difficult to pin-point as he builds new bodies for himself after defeat and can exist indefinitely within the V-Net in a similar manner to SIM or Authority:

  • Virtual Existence (Ignis can exist in the V-Net when not inhabiting robotic bodies.
  • Robotic Bodies (Ignis can create robotic bodies out of materials found in the environment)
  • Adaptive Enemy (Ignis' robotic bodies are modified to be resilent to attacks which harmed him in previous battles, making him an example of an "adaptive enemy")

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