Illusion is a Secret that long existed before even the Seven Secrets themselves; he was created in a ritualistic performance by Xaerxez. Illusion would run off at his very second of being created, never to be found until Seya came upon him after being possessed by Zied. He'd also assist Bad Luck stop Karma, but ultimately failed. Illusion would continue to serve and assist Seya until he found himself in dangerous company, that of Evil; and in response, took his own path of escape. During Shadow of Death, he comes into contact with Misery and later leaves Seya for a supposed 'vacation'.


Illusion isn't so much as a servant as he is a 'secretary' to whom his Master is. In his own perference, he'd rather not gain attention to himself and always play 'second-best' to someone else. Illusion also tends to get lost and confused with directions, unaware where to go or what to do; but is able to orate and talk to others quite well, he doesn't seem to mind making fun of those he finds that could be below him.


  • Illusion Manifestation
  • Non-Existence - (Illusion stated that he does not exist, making him a pure illusion, making any other attack or ability equally unreal)

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