"..what is it that unites us? love? courage? no.. what truly unites us - young and old - is hate.. fear.. suffering.. the three truths in a sea of lies.." ~ Inferno/Arodnap

Final Fantasy XIII - Final Boss Theme - Born Anew (Extended)

Final Fantasy XIII - Final Boss Theme - Born Anew (Extended)

Inferno/Arodnap's Battle Theme

Inferno/Arodnap refers to the fusion of Inferno and Arodnap during the climax of the "Dusk" storyarc in which they became the agents of the Watchers in their attempt to end the living universe once and for all.

Inferno/Arodnap was by far one of the most powerful fusions in the Pendragon series and consisted of three separate portions: Inferno stood below Arodnap and above her lay an open vortex spreading into the domain of the Watchers, who connected themselves to the construct via powerful tendrils that bond Inferno/Arodnap to their will and allowed them to speak and act in unision.

In this form Inferno shed his demonic form and became a radiant, angelic being with glowing blue eyes while Arodnap became equally divine in appearance - however she retained her formidable draconic form: yet despite its striking beauty this form was a harbinger of unthinkable horror.


"..come brother, be my angel - this one final time.. let the Watchers be our salvation.." ~ Arodnap

Inferno/Arodnap was a being of unimaginable power that combined the powers of Arodnap, Inferno and the Watchers themselves - however it manifested a relatively small amount of it's limitless power in the confrontation, having been recently "born" it did not gain the chance to show it's full potential (which was likely a fortunate thing for the universe as a whole) - amongst the powers it did show were:

  • Divine-Link (Inferno/Arodnap was linked to the Watchers, allow them to speak and act as a single being - to the point they even spoke in unison: however the price of the link was their freedom, with the two becoming little more than puppets guided by the Watchers)
  • Twilight Mastery (Inferno/Arodnap gained complete control over the Twilight Force, which manifested as an immensely powerful beam of energy that Inferno could emit - powered by pure chaos and madness)
  • Divine Intervention (the Watchers were able to intervene physically in the defence of their creation, utilizing their powerful tendrils to lash out at attackers and shielding Inferno/Arodnap from harm: effectively granting them invulnerability - the Watchers could also speak freely into the minds of those present)