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Super paper mario - The ultimate show(extended)10 min's

Inferno Pendragon II's Theme

Inferno Pendragon II is an alternate-reality version of Inferno Pendragon - introduced in Choices, he is responsible for the return of Nanny: which sparked a massive Era-long crossover event known as the Time Wars.


Inferno Pendragon II was born to an alternate reality in which he never came into contact with Arbiter or Rune, the two figures that were central to his redemption in the mainstream reality - without them he allowed Kaosa to manipulate him into conquering Avalon and grew so powerful that Ebonscale manifested, intending on taking over: instead Ebonscale was slain by Inferno Pendragon II, who held both the Celestial-Blade and Excalibur.. absorbing Ebonscale's power into his own he then proceeded to slay Kaosa and the entire Twilight Dragon-Flight as he went on a bloody rampage that climaxed in the destruction of his version of Avalon.

Thus Inferno Pendragon II moved out of his native reality and found a floating castle in the "space between dimensions" - where he would stay for many centuries, mastering his new powers and becoming convinced his destiny was to become the Supreme Being.. through any means necessary..


Time Wars


Inferno Pendragon II is a dark and malevolent being that will stop at nothing to become a God Force entity and has no qualms about using law or chaos to achieve his goals : pitting entire civilizations into war, allying and betraying with millions from across time and space, raising the powers of the divine and infernal and many other things.. all to serve his unending thirst for power.

His desire was so great he thought nothing of breaking dimensional barriers between Multiverses during the Time Wars so as to bring about a potential apocalypse that would wipe out 90 percent of existence so he could absorb the rest into his own empire.

Powers / Abilities

Inferno Pendragon II has the same abilities of the deceased Ebonscale, due to absorbing an alternate version of Ebonscale ino himself - he combines this vast power with absolute mastery of the Twilight Realm, making him far more powerful than the mainstream Inferno and a match for Absolutes.

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