Jeniyus is the main hero of the Superheroes series.
Jeniyus 3


Lane Elliot hails from the planet known as Earth 1 which has, recently, come into a golden age of prosperity and peace. When the tri-millennium ended, the universe would transform into a true paradise of heavenly proportions, and Lane could not have been happier that the very good people of Earth 1 were able to live peacefully in happiness until then.

However, she soon discovered the existence of a planet known as Earth 2, which was in a state of disarray. Disease, hunger, and political unrest was rampant across the planet. And, as if that weren't enough, a war was about to errupt between two groups known as the Guild of Heroes and the Guild of Villains. The war's outcome would determine the fate of the planet's residents.

Lane quickly decided that she could not stand by and do nothing. She traveled to Earth 2 with the aid specially crafted space pods built by space exploration programs. When she arrived, she joined the Guild of Heroes as quickly as she could, determined to not only fight off the Guild of Villains, but to aid the residents of the planet in any way she could.

She took up the name Jeniyus, ready to start her career as a superhero.


After making the decision to become a superhero, Jeniyus visited a lab, that provided her with superpower serums. It was recommended that she select at least two, so she chose psychic energy waves, and the ability to occassionally see into the future through dreams.


Nights Journey of dreams 15 Electrical Entertainment02:50

Nights Journey of dreams 15 Electrical Entertainment

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