The Jewels of Imagination are ten mystical gems that empower different aspects of the human imagination - they are partially responsible for the creation of Toons and can bring color and life to even the most barren of places.

The Jewels of Imagination are even able to transform reality and grant those who possess them control over the aspects they embody - if one gains all ten gems one can effectively rule all imagination and by default all aspects of being a Toon.

The Jewels of Imagination play a major role in both Toon Wars

The Jewels of Imagination (details)

The Jewels of Imagination were created by the spirit of imagination, Caprice, who saw to it a young mortal would stumble upon them during a visit to an archeological site - contact with the Jewels caused the young mortal to gain the power necessary to create the world's first Toons, though he would do so in his late years as the "Old Man" that sparked the Toon Era.

Having set in motion the Toon Era Caprice quickly spirited the Jewels of Imagination away and held onto them until Artist caused the Land of Nowhere to be formed, to try and prevent the Land of Nowhere from destroying all she had worked on Carprice tossed the Jewels of Imagination into the realm, which stabilized it somewhat and over time the Jewels became buried within the foundations of the Land of Nowhere.

However in "The Last Laugh" it was revealed that Betwixt (under the influence of the Presence) was beginning to mine these Jewels - destroying large chunks of the Land of Nowhere in the process: this would lead to the climatic story known as "Toon Wars".

The Jewels

  1. Hope (Yellow)
  2. Fear (Green)
  3. Joy (Red)
  4. Despair (White)
  5. Love (Purple)
  6. Hate (light blue)
  7. Youth (pink)
  8. Age (dark blue)
  9. Peace (gold)
  10. Discord (silver)

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