Judas is the name adopted by an evil spirit of betrayal and hatred that wanders the world of mankind, legends speak of him being the tortured soul of Judas Iscariot himself while others argue the evil spirit simply takes the name in order to provoke reactions upon mortals (much as many other demons claim to be Satan).

List Of Appearances

Powers / Abilities

  • Lie Detection (Judas can detect any and all lies)
  • Shackles of Shame (Judas can create shackles which clamp onto victims and physically weigh them down as their shame increases)
  • Possession (Judas can possess living creatures (both sentient and animal) )
  • Confessor (Judas can force others to confess past crimes or shameful secrets via eye contact)
  • Spirit-Break (Judas can attack someone on the astral-plane, shattering their astral-forms - this can effectively force someone using telepathy or astral-projection to retreat, often in a traumatic fashion)
  • Eternal (Judas can never truly die as long as their is betrayal and hate in the multiverse)

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