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NOTE: this story will occur shortly after Omniwar - as such it will NOT start until Omniwar is completed, the following is simply an introduction:- this is the official "birth" of Neo-Voice.


The scene begins in pitch darkness with a few voices breaking the silence.

" is he?"

"alive but badly wounded.."

" could this of happened?"

"I'm not sure: it's never happened before.."

" you think he'll survive?"

"..the medics put him into deep-freeze and the finest minds in the Empire created a Techno-Organic Suit to keep him alive - considering what that stuff can do he's pretty much immortal now.."

"..we shouldn't of let them do it, he's insane.."

"..he's all we have, a world without a Voice is a meaningless one.."

"oh crap, he's waking up!"


Suddenly the scene changes to a close-up of a male covered from head to toe in advanced armor - with only his face exposed, his eyes closed for a few moments before they open: two uniformed officers stand next to him as he lays on a metal table - they seem shocked as he stares out for a few moments before uttering a single sentence.

"officer, give me your gun".

One of the officers pauses, clearly frightened but complies - despite the man on the table clearly being in a vulnerable position the officer gives in and hands him the gun.

"thank you" - the figure sits up and points the gun at the officer " are hereby relieved of duty" - then with frightening lack of care he opens fire twice, the two officers fall to the ground.

The figure then stands up as a group of soldiers enter the room and addresses them calmly "..lower your weapons men, the Voice has returned..".

The soldiers quickly do so and the Voice drops the gun to the floor as he looks to his hands, now covered in metal - spreading large metallic wings as he forms a glowing sword from one of his arms: tracing his fingers across the glowing surface as he examines it for a brief moment, then turns back to the soldiers.

"..let us gather the others, we have much to discuss..".

The Return

(this shall be filled in once Omniwar is completed)

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