"I can have a heart of stone, I can shed my being, and become a living, killing machine. But I choose not to. I'm not evil, I'm not good. Those are just basic terms between what everyone decides to live with. Good and Evil, suffice to say, even that is not correct. There are other ways to label others. If you prefer, I can be "mean", but I find it more useful to be hospitable to a guest."


Kadan is a powerful warrior, who lives upon the planet of Thyria, he is a member of the criminal organization named Strazio, and the partner to Zaiynde. Due to their fighting style, Zaiynde makes a perfect counter to Kadan's powerful attacks. Compared to Zaiynde, Kadan can hold his tongue when dealing with anger implements, and he is usually a counter to Zaiynde's snide comments. Kadan has been known to be able to counter many attacks, as his nature of being half-Nazlar give him various abilities. He made his first appearance within the Bad Luck Saga, in the storyarc, Inflexible Ideals.


Kadan is calm, cool, and collected for most of the time, but his attitude toward many of Thyria's inhabitants is one of hatred, though he keeps this deep within his cool facade. He has shown large amounts of care for those that find their ways into his heart, though he tends to back up that there is no love and that "power and money" is all that he desires. He has been shown to be polite to guests and many times very caring toward anyone whom he allows to live within his abode. Whenever out in the open, where enemies lurk, he tends to keep to himself, only grunting in response and rarely ever speaking, and has a tendency to be chivalrous toward others when needed.

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