Kalosyni 2

Kalosyni is the main character of the story series The Mind of a Hero.


Kalosyni comes from a fairly normal family with a mother, a father, and an older brother. His parents are both physicians, and thus, are usually quite busy. However, they dearly love their sons and have spoiled them somewhat. They have given them a lot of freedom, deeming it to be a good way to raise children. Kalosyni's elder brother, Mark, is a busy college student studying astrophysics in the hopes of becoming a top physicist working on particle accelerators. The busy lives of his family has left Kalosyni home alone frequently, which has endowed him with a strong independence.

Troubled Past

Despite the seemingly idyllic family life Kalosyni has had, he and his family have faced a terrible hardship involving another family member.


Kalosyni is, more or less, a champion of benevolence. He loves helping people and making others happy. He is genuinely optimistic about the human race and has a clear perception of people and the human mind.

In spite of Kalosyni's good nature, he is not without flaws. Typically, he is easily discouraged, and consistently questions whether or not his judgment is fair. Also, he can be quite harsh with people who intentionally hurt others; usually villains. Often times, he will lash out at these people, hurt them badly, and feel little to no remorse afterwards. While he is understanding of people, even bad people, his anger towards their cruel actions towards others will usually get the better of him, and make him violent with them. This quality has determined his status as a somewhat dark hero.

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