Katria, as she now appears

Katria is the indirect creator of Seya, through her mind's own creations, those being Xaerxez, Veda, Faible, and Nocturne.

As split beings, the four gods of her own mind, are also technically Katria, each of whom act in their own paths as herself, yet think for themselves and express themselves alongside. Creativity being Xaerxez, Curiosity and Knowledge resembling Veda, Emotions and Feelings resembling Nocturne, Ignorance and Confusion resembling Faible.

Due to her separation, her influence upon her sector of the Multiverse has been rather uncontrollable, and her split existence has led down a tree of problems.


Katria, her name meaning 'Only One' in Thyrian, was able to perceive the battle of the Alpha and The Omega, as she stated that she stayed on the 'sidelines'. She also watched Zied attack Fortuna, but in both cases, she did nothing. Her own indifference in her form leading her to not perform a single task at hand, making her effect on the Multiverse close to absolutely nothing.

Creating something beautiful was what she desired, and indirectly she did so, through her own split. Creating Xaerxez, Veda, Faible, and Nocturne also lead to Seya's creations and eventually Thyria's creation, and all of it's inhabitants. Impassive as she was, she did not interfere in any bit, not even to stop Zied on his plots.


Katria, as the indirect creator of her sector of the Multiverse holds up a sphere of influence she rather chooses not to control, yet she has held her power back to not affect the current lives. She contains and has every ability as listed, though she is always reluctant, and rarely, if ever uses them. They are as follows:

  • Judgement - The willingness of her to erase or empower those whom she judges
  • Reversal - To send universes/multiverses back to their very beginnings so as to change their history
  • Reform - Change various people/aspects/problems into something much better
  • Constrain - Able to hold any evil at bay, no matter of its intensity and power
  • Creation - Though it was indirect, she created beings from herself, who continued what she could not

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