Kingdom Empyrea is the largest politically united territory in Empyrea, a world that lies in a parallel reality to the world of Aegis. Like Aegis, Empyrea and Kingdom Empyrea are populated with a number of fantastical species, though they are generally different from the species that reside on Aegis.

Kingdom Empyrea will be the setting of a number of future storyarcs.

Territories of Kingdom Empyrea


On the vast dimension of Empyrea, there was a great continent that was lush, green, and fertile. Each of the seven intelligent species, who discovered the continent in different times and places, had laid their claim to it's lands. As they ventured farther into the depths of this continent, they each discovered that they were not alone- their conflicting claims over the land soon ignited into a series of wars that spread until all seven species were involved.

The mass violence soon had awakened Abbadon, the great demon god of violence, hate, darkness, and death. The war quickly became a campaign for survival as each army slowly began to realize that they had a common enemy, who threatened the very existence of their entire realm. Old rivalries were put aside as the seven species banded together to force Abbadon and his demon spawn back into Hell. A truce was called between the former enemies, who then agreed to each take their own sections of the great continent for their own Kingdoms. In time, the collective wars became known as the War of Survival.

Over time, and after countless tensions that threatened to re-erupt into war, the Seven Kingdoms were constructed for each of the species: Humans, Wisps, Vampires, Lycans, Succubi, Wraiths, and Gorgons. Collectively, they became Kingdom Empyrea.

Over the battleground where Abbadon was sealed into his Hellish Realm, the seven species built a great tower to mark the spot, and symbolize their promise to never wage war again. This ediface became known as the Tower of Heaven.

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