Kosmo is a member of the Immortals and the youngest of the group, he is also somewhat of an "odd" character in the sense he is a fictional being brought to life rather than an empowered human and is thus more accurately a unique "thought form" similar yet distinctly different to a "Toon".

Starting life in 1928AD as the star of the Kosmo pulp series he was idolized by thousands as a cultural hero and phenomena, it would not take long for Caprice to realize a new spirit was being formed within the very concept of Kosmo - thus using a small fraction of her power she gave life to the hero and Kosmo was reborn as the "Spirit of Space".

Due to his unique status as an avatar for a fictional being Kosmo is both the most alien and the most human of the Immortals - for he is still learning what it is to be in the "real" world and although his popularity as a cultural hero has faded into obscurity his status as an Immortal means he regularly saves the world on a daily basis, both on and off the pages of his comic book.

Kosmo is also able to enter comic books and exist within the alternate worlds found within their pages, he can even take others with him and so far he is the only known comic book character capable of doing such feats (though Emperor Gear has occassionally entered comic book realms, as have several malicious Toons).


Powers / Abiliies

  • Immortality
  • Ray Gun (Kosmo has a small ray gun that fires concentrated energy that can be altered in intensity to a stun or kill switch - when "stun" switch is on it is akin to a tazer whilst when the "kill" switch is on it is a standard "death-ray".)
  • Rocket Pack (Kosmo can fly with the aid of a rocket pack, however it is both limited in duration and once launched in a certain direction is hard to control)
  • Space Suit (Kosmo's suit allows him to move unharmed through space and alien environments, he is also immunized against extreme temparatures, pressure and so on - making him almost indestructible)
  • Dimensional Awareness (Kosmo is aware of both higher and lower dimensions as well as the more exotic worlds in-between, this awareness can sometimes make him appear to "break" the fourth-wall and interact in impossible ways with his environment)
  • Reality Shift (Kosmo can enter comic book worlds and return to the "real" world on a whim, he can take others with him or do so alone)

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