Kronos is the central antagonist of the End Of Days saga, which involves a large number of cosmic-entities in a manner similar to the Omniwar saga.


Kronos is an abstract entity who was chosen by Creation and Oblivion to become the first all-father, a being who would in essence become the "father" of the beings that would become known as "Sky-Fathers" to the younger races: created from members of the elder-races.

Kronos was driven insane by the arrival of Misery and her subsequent wars with both the Powers That Be and the Primal Gods as well as when the younger races began to abandon their former pantheons, resulting in many deities becoming corrupt and decadent.

Kronos eventually cursed his role as an Abstract and turned his back on his own creations, vanishing for many centuries as he wandered the edges of existence: becoming increasingly volatile until at long last he would return with the intend to destroying all the gods of creation.. as well as the Abstracts..

Kronos would do so via obtaining the dreaded relic known as the Deus-Ex-Machina and thus amplifying his already great cosmic power tenfold - becoming a sufficient threat that the Absolutes called upon the gods of the multiverse for the first time in ten thousand years to the Hall Of The Gods and summoned one of the Primordial Ones to gain insight into how to stop the rogue Absolute before he could ascend to a power beyond even the Absolutes (in essence becoming a Primordial One).

Powers / Abilites

Kronos is a vastly powerful being that rivals the power of a high-tier Absolute, he is known to be weaker than Abraxas but considerably more powerful than any known "all-father" : thus it is generally accepted that Kronos is normally a Tier XI - Class II entity but due to obtaining the Deus-Ex-Machina his power level increased to Absolute - Scale III.


  • Kronos is a separate entity from Cronus, who is a much younger entity and father of the Titans of High Olympia (the "home realm" of Zeus and his pantheon).
  • Kronos can never truly die, being of the Absolute world.. however by the climax of End of Days he is considered trapped indefinitely (though his influence may be felt in later stories)

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