The Lady of the Lake is an Arthurian spirit predating Avalon and connected to the origins of Excalibur and many other ancient swords - Merlin often considered the Lady of the Lake to be both "one of great grace and untold cruelty" yet knew she was essential for shaping the world that would ultimately make up King Arthur and his many deeds.

The darker side of the Lady of the Lake includes the supposed role she played in aiding the downfall of Arthur and Camelot by providing Morgan Le Fay and Mordred with enchanted weapons, her involvement in teaching scorned women forbidden spells by which to create "witches" and other sinister plots.

When Avalon was created the Lady of the Lake seemed to fade away as her influence was no longer needed in a world that grew to abandon magic in favor of technology, Merlin having left her behind on Earth due to her ever-changing nature and the fact Arthur had ascended as part of the "Once and Future King".

Yet true to her trickster nature the Lady of the Lake would bid her time and returned many centuries later as part of the Time Wars saga and later as part of the Twilight of the Gods..

The Lady of the Lake is most famous for her realm, the "Lake of Swords", it is believed that every mystic blade in Avalon originates from this realm : the most famous of which are the twelve blades entrusted to the Knights of Pendragon and the three "Grand Blades".

Powers / Abilities

  • immortality
  • spell-casting
  • enchantment
  • mystic-affinity
  • telepathy
  • telekinesis
  • stellakinesis
  • hydrokinesis

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