Laugh-A-Lot Studios was a large company specializing in creating short cartoons during the very early stages of animation history - being the first company to utilize Toons, following World War II the studio was destroyed along with many others things associated with Toons in an effort to purge the world of the fact Toons were once living amongst humanity (this purge was so successful that most modern society still believe Toons are fictional life-forms).


Laugh-A-Lot Studios was founded by the "Old Man", a mysterious figure who started the Toon Era began in 1916, embracing Toons as a natural part of society they helped to bring about some of the world's first cartoon shorts and although quickly losing some sway as rival companies appeared they were always proud of the loyalty of their staff and Toons.

Laugh-A-Lot Studio's success was largely attributed to a young Toon named Artist, though to the public he was known as "Spot" - Spot would continue to be a hit until 1919, when Baby arrived and exposed Spot as a psychotic Toon, Spot proceeded to kill a Laugh-A-Lot staff member before Baby defeated him and watched him get sucked into the Land of Nowhere.

This crime would send shockwaves across the world and Laugh-A-Lot came under increased pressure to monitor their Toons more closely, marking a change in human/Toon relationships as the trust between the two species began to fade.

Yet after a year or two of unrest Laugh-A-Lot was soon back in business with new stars such as Suzie helping to warm the public somewhat to Toons again - it was also on the stage of Laugh-A-Lot the tragic story of Betwixt began, though he would not last long in the studio.

Suzie would also fade away after a while alongside the colorful cast of old, eventually even Baby disappeared and the studio's only remaining star was the Toon who would someday become known as Moggy.

On the eve of 1942 Laugh-A-Lot Studios finally closed its doors for the last time as Moggy faded and would remain empty until 1947 - when orders came from world governments to destroy areas where Toons had once interacted with humans as part of a mass "blackout" of memories to do with the Toon Era (1912 - 1945).

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