Leda is an upcoming character, and has made her debut appearance in The Phoenix Enigma. Her origins and purpose are shrouded in mystery.

The Phoenix Laboratory Incident

Leda herself was one of many test subjects in Phoenix Laboratories, and the staff of the facility took a particular interest in her as she was not from their world, Aegis. During her time as a test subject, she was raped by another scientist, conceiving Ruichi.

In Phoenix's last experiment, to connect the human mind to a computer, she was driven insane, especially after seeing young Ruichi shot by aother guard. While one compassionate scientist fled with the child Ruichi, Leda managed to gain control of the entire facility, locking it down and slaying every last person within.

The Phoenix Enigma



Several figures throughout the Villains Multiverse, including Ruichi, Nebula, Hollow, Tueor, Pathos, and Aeris had awoken imprisoned in a mysterious chamber. The first they hear of Leda is her voice speaking to them- she is unseen, and her name not given. She tells all of the prisoners that they are to be involved in an deadly "assessment", which involves finding eight keys and gaining access to Phoenix Laboratories, which would result in passing the assessment and gaining their freedom. The keys in question are only held by other prisoners, suggesting that the only way to obtain said keys is to kill their holders...


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