Legion --> Philip

The Legion Project was the original form of the hero Philip.


About a decade or so ago, a man named Vandof came up with an idea for a weapon for the US. After reading articles of possible doomsday senarioes, as well as reading a few science fiction novels he consived the idea for Project Legion. It was based on the concept of grey-goo, the idea of science gone wrong, where hundreds of thousands of nanobots devour everything in sight. Except this has to be controlable, obeying, loyal to its creator.

So without telling the government or the UN, he worked on the project for years until recent times when he created what he wanted, and then some.

He created a silvery blob of nanomachines and a black blob of nanomachines. The silver blob was Legion, as he intended. He placed both blobs in containers. This is where Legion ends...

Personality and Appearence

Legion was not designed to feel emotions, and has no personality and also lacks creativity.. Legion was designed to be an obedient weapon to the US govnerment. It was originally designed just to be a blob that would act on command. After Philip came to existence, its appearence is now a massive, featureless, masculine, silvery humanoid, capable of speach, albiet it's all the machines together.

Powers and Abilites

Legion's original powers includes:

  • Matter digestion: Legion could devour any form of matter from steel to skin with no ill effects on its function
  • Elasticity: It could stretch, mainly as its way of locomotion.
  • Healing Factor: If damaged, Leigon would be more then capable of regenerating its machines to regain its normal size

After Philip came to be and after he was forced to revert to be Legion, it's powers include:

  • Blade Creation: Like his sentient form Legion is now capable of creating blades from its form
  • Superhuman Physical Abilities: Legion is way more then capable of overpowering a human being and maybe even superhumans.
  • Comunication with Base: If Legion detects something wrong with itself, or knows it can't handle the sictuation, it can call for back up from the base.
  • Superhuman Intellegence: Legion is now smart enough to make intellegent decisions on its own and knows even the most overlooked knoweledge and the cutting edge systems that make itself work.


  • EMP: Being a large collection of nanomachines, an EMP would shut it down for a short period of time.
  • Mortal: Legion could be, for all intents and purposes, killed, or at the very least shut down by his creator if he sees a reason for it.
  • Philip's Mind: After Philip was forced to become Legion, Legion was struggling with Philip's memories, remembering everything he experienced from fighting to the fair. This causes it to question itself and all its masters told it.

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