"Do you count the number of bugs you kill over the course of your life?" ~ Liberator (upon being questioned on how many people she has killed)

Liberator (real name Phoenix Grey) was once a respected peacekeeper and agent of the law but her life changed forever when she found herself ambushed by enemy troops, although she survived the attack many of her friends died protecting her and she became fixated on revenge against those who kill and oppress others: thus Liberator was born, now she travels the world taking care of tyrants and murderers in her own way: execution.


Phoenix Grey was a peacekeeper and agent of the law who traveled the world alongside her friends - it was during a routine patrol that she found herself ambushed by enemy troops who proceeded to massacre her team-mates in a bloody battle: Phoenix become unhinged upon seeing her friends die and became fixated on revenge against all murderers and tyrants, renaming herself the Liberator she began roaming the world killing prominent tyrants and murderers - gaining herself notoriety as an antihero wanted for multiple homicides by the authorities but also praised by some as a hero.

Liberator has fought and killed many villains in her days but several have proven themselves her equal: the Supreme General being the most prominent, followed closely by Corporal Punishment and Momma Bear - she has also had a few run-ins with heroes who don't share her views, she is also somewhat famous for her on-and-off relationship with fellow antihero Freedom-Striker and the two have dated between their usual fighting.

Appearance In The Villains RPG Universe

Liberator first appears in Strays and will return as one of the main heroes of the New Kids On The Block saga.


Liberator has better reflexes and greater speed than usual for a human as well as slightly superior strength than most women her age due to regular training, she also has greater stamina than most people and can withstand greater physical-punishment than most: she also has great willpower and is a master of both armed and unarmed-combat thanks to her military-training.

  • Enhanced Physique
  • Iron Will
  • Experimental Battle Suit - Mark 5 to 9 (in the course of her career she has used a grand total of four different battle suits, her current (as of 2070) is a Mark 9)


Physically Liberator is well-built with the physique of a woman who regularly trains but not quite as impressive as an athlete and stands in at 5ft 2in tall - she has red hair that is left long and green eyes: she tends to dress in hi-tech body-armor that is painted yellow on blue with large gloves and boots as well as a utility-belt and carries a collection of advanced weaponry with her wherever she goes.

Five Iron Frenzy My Evil Plan To Save The World03:26

Five Iron Frenzy My Evil Plan To Save The World

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