"I'm just hoping we can all get along!"


Lily was the second youngest, her old sisters being Scyllia and Matilda, her younger sister being Olivia, of whom she constantly played with. At a young age, Lily was charged by her mother to take care of Olivia, and to teach her magic in any form that she could learn. Though due to her happy-go-lucky attitude, and constant denying of enhancing Olivia's prowess, she never truly taught Olivia magic.


Lily constantly played with Olivia, but was charged with teaching her magic, which she never did. And during the fall of the castle, when Scyllia had openly tried to murder Olivia, Lily came to the rescue, but died protecting Olivia with her life.


Lily was a kind, and gentle being, the complete opposite of her icy sister, Scyllia and always saw a good outlook on life. But she was also quite rebellious and never listened to her mothers demands, instead, she would run out of the castle and play games with Olivia.


  • Tier IV Phytokinesis
  • Tier IV Shadowkinesis

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