Little Poll Parrot
Sat in his garret
Eating toast and tea;
A little brown mouse
Jumped into the house,
And stole it all away.


I remember the sad story of Little Poll Parrot, a citizen of my kingdom who lived most of his life in the garret of his largely forgotten home - he made very little money in his life despite his best efforts and thus he rarely enjoyed the comforts many of my citizens take for granted.

So imagine the utter joy Little Poll Parrot felt when one day he was given the seemingly humble gift of fine bread and tea from a kind-hearted traveller, barely able to contain himself he ran home as rich as any king and made his way to his humble little garret.

Little Poll Parrot roasted the bread on a small fire, mindful not to let the flame spread - at the same time he boiled the tea and gave silent praise to the traveller for what would surely be a treat.

Then suddenly his dreams were shattered as a small rodent appeared, snatching the toast from Little Poll Parrot's hands and eating it ravenously before leaping with some force into the pot of tea.

Little Poll Parrot panicked, thinking the mouse had scalded itself in the boiling water - instead the wretched creature drank the liquid clean out of the cup and leapt out, shaking its fur as it grinned at Little Poll Parrot widely.

Little Poll Parrot frowned as the mouse stuck a long snake-like tongue out and scurried away into the night..

so, one may ask, what was the purpose of this tale?

that my friend is for you to decide.

(part of the Citizens of Wonderland trilogy: Doctor Fell / Eeper Weeper / Little Poll Parrot)

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