Lotus (Corrupted)

Lotus while she is corrupted

Lotus is the main antagonist in the story Corruption. Her goal is to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend for forgetting her. Her symbol is a black and white rose.


Lotus in the beginning was a young teenager around the age of 13. She has pitch black hair that goes down to her mid back. Pale skin from lack of being in the sun because she spent so much time with Tueor in the tree house. She has eyes the color of emeralds. Later in the story, as she is shown as the antagonist, she is dressed in a long dark cloak to hide her face so that Tueor will not know who she is at first. After Tueor smelled the flower and listened to her she pulled the hood back to reveal herself. The only thing that changed from her past was that her hair now only extends to her shoulders.


Insight- Lotus has the ability to see how strong or smart people can be. And how much of their potential they are using.

Darkness- While she was corrupted, Lotus had the ability to manipulate darkness to her every whim.

One With the Earth- After Corruption Lotus has powers over the Earth and with plants. Very unusual powers but she can utilize them to her advantage.


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