is an inhabitant of the Second Floor, a metaphysical realm beyond the multiverse as we know it, she is to date the only known member of a pantheon of unimaginably powerful entities known as the Primordial Ones to manifest in the material world who is not Corrupt and thus has full access to her species godlike powers.

Luca is the embodiment of life, death and rebirth - like all Primordial Ones she is vastly powerful, able to dismiss Creation and Oblivion without a thought, yet with such power comes great responsibility and although she has the outward appearance and personality of a teenage girl she is in reality bond by unfathomable laws even she can not break and is infinitely below the Alpha or the Omega in scale of power.

Powers / Abilities

Luca is an Absoluta (Scale 1) entity, making her second only to God Force / Shadow Force entities (it is worth noting her power is equal to that of most uncorrupted Primordial Ones) :

  • Primordial Physiology (Luca is an Abstract entity and has a Primordial Physiology, granting her a number of naturally occuring traits)
  • Chrono-Lock
  • Power Bestowal / Removal
  • Destruction
  • Creation
  • Manifestation
  • Trinity Force (also known as "life, death and rebirth" - a supremely powerful trait that allows a figure to give life, end life and (most important of all) collect the life-forces of those who have died and send them to the next planes of existence.)

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