Lust is a member of The Outsiders and the sole female of the group - she is also the most secretive and often lays in wait before striking out with surprising speed at her victims, she was a vessel for the Dark One known as Iron-Maiden and shared her sadistic personality: though like all Outsiders she was loyal solely to the "Dark Spirit" (one of Misery's many forms).

Following hwe conversion to a follower of Evil herself Lust gained a demonic appearance resembling a female devil covered in chains and sporting large succubus-style wings and a spaded-tail.



  • Living Chains (Lust can create a multitude of living chains that can be used as whips, restraints or strangulation methods - the chains are metallic in appearance but regrow if cut or shattered and are exceptionally strong (capable of breaking bone if she wills it) )


  • Living Chains (see above)
  • Intoxicating Scent (Lust now secretes a sweet scent that can cause nearby opponents to suffer from similar effects to intoxication - her scent growing stronger as she engages in strenuous activities (such as fighting) )