"You see... angels, demons, and humans are all alike as far as their physical structure... 206 bones, 21 feet of intestine, 8 pints of blood, 24 ribs... so much to play with, and so little time!"


Malacoda is the chief of Lucifer's fallen angels. He is the recurring nemesis of Deathwalker and Ruby, starring as the primary antagonist of the Hell's Broken Angel saga.

Despite being crude, sadistic, and violent, Malacoda has an ironic sense of honor and decency that he often bestows upon both allies and enemies, except in situations of violence. He is said to be the most powerful demon, since he serves as Lucifer's right-hand. Malacoda remains loyal to Lucifer during the Rebellion in Hell, tormenting the demons that choose to revolt.

Malacoda has a distinct love for torture (see The Traitor's Punishment), and has been known to torment his victims physically, psychologically, and sexually. Malacoda does not hold back when he is the tormentor; he is capable of breaking the minds and spirits of even the hardiest of souls within a matter of moments, whether he is using words or irons. Some beings fear him more than they fear Lucifer.


  • Serpent's Tounge (Malacoda can be an incredible linguist, capable of using his words to do anything from torturing his victims to worming himself into favorable positions)
  • Super Strength (Malacoda is among the most powerful of demons.)
  • Torment (Malacoda has had almost all of human history to practice his torture techniques, and can break even the hardiest of souls in minutes.)
  • The Spirit of Hell (Malacoda possesses an array of Hellish abilities, including control over Hellfire and shadows)
  • Hell-Travel (Malacoda can open portals to Hell and to Earth, allowing him to traverse between locations on Earth much faster)
  • True-Form (When Malacoda taps into his power as a fallen angel, his power increases greatly)



Malacoda is Italian for "Evil Tail". In Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, Malacoda was the leader of the demons in Hell, who punished sinners in the 5th round of the Malebolge, the circle of Fraud.

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Fire Emblem Awakening Soundtrack Chaos and Chaos (Ablaze) Combined

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