NOTE: not to be confused with another villain known as Malice.

"You know Mischief I'm starting to get angry at your continual disregard for my affections: I'm starting to think you love these damned humans more than you love me - well you better not even think of leaving me mister cause I swear if you do I'll make you suffer.. and your little human friends too.." ~ Malice

Malice is Mischief's on-and-off girlfriend/enemy and a fellow imp, however unlike regular imps she was formed by black magic on Janeolous' behalf and as a result has the same seductive nature of the demon-queen but also has the usual troublemaking traits of an imp - making her especially dangerous under the right circumstances.


When Mischief left Hell Janeolous became angry and depressed at her favored imp running away and decided to try and lure him back to Hell by creating an image of herself in imp-form to enter the mortal-realm and return him to Hell - however the newly named "Malice" proved to be troublesome and didn't wish to return to Hell either thus remained a rogue agent along with Mischief - who she decided to take as her "mate" - though as demons this meant the two were as much enemies as they were lovers.

Malice, as her name suggests, is more sadistic in nature than most imps and also more powerful - this puts her at odds with benevolent magic-users such as Mr Z as well as other supernatural beings such as Charon: her disobedience has also earned her the wrath of Janeolous herself, who has stated that should Malice return to Hell she'll skin the imp alive for her treachery.

Malice sees all this as just part of the fun of being free and is in many ways an anarchist with a cruel sense of humor - this serves to both attract and repulse Mischief, especially when her dark sense of humor is directed towards himself..


Malice is immortal like all demons, being immune to age and death: she can alter her size from 7-inches to under half-an-inch in height, emit hellfire from her hands, fly using her wings and utilise minor dark-magic spells.


Charon / Hubris / Parasomnia



Dream House / Mickelus / Insomnia / Oath / The Children / Janeolous / Malice

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