"It was fascinating, how a tirade of simple words drove the entire Archic culture to war. With one speech, I brought down an entire empire."

~Malovus (Shadow of Gods)

Malovus is an Intrid scientist from the dead world Terralius. His speciality is bioweapons, and his main branches in the sciences are genetics, robotics, and artificial intelligences. During the Terralian World War, he created armies of bioweapons to do battle with the Archics, and oversaw the creation of the ultimate Terralian superweapon, The Machine God.


Chronologically, Malovus was first introduced in the Arbiter's Tale: Young Blood story, as a ten year old Intrid child, living with other orphans under the care of Jason. When Kagami finds Ryou, Malovus expresses his distaste of Ryou for being a half-breed.

With his intellect, Malovus becomes the fuhrer of the Golden City, effectively making him the ruler of the entire planet Terralius. For a currently unrevealed reason, he worked to incite a war between the Intrid and Archic species. This resulted in the death of Kagami before his and Ryou's eyes.

[Story currently being retconned]

In the modern Villains multiverse, Malovus exists as a compilation of computer code, having uploaded his mind, memories, and personality into a supercomputer. However, aided with Archic magic, he can exist in a physical form despite being nothing but lines of code.


  • Imbalance (One of two abilities taught by Almagest)
  • Thaumaturgy (One of two abilities taught by Almagest)
  • Cyberkinesis Tier IV (Malovus exists as a compilation of computer code, given a physical form with Archic Magic. With this combination, he can modify his appearance at will, and enter any world with a cyberspace, by learning the codes native to each world. He can take command of any device that functions with a computer-like system.)
  • Scientific Intellect (Malovus is an intelligent scientist, proficient in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligences, biology, and genetics.)

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