Malovus' Laboratory is a massive subterranian complex on the dead world Terralius. It is here where Malovus performs his experiements and tests, hoping to eventually create the ultimate bioweapon. It is also here where Malovus connects to the internets of various worlds, analyzing them and collecting their knowledge. Having mastered teleportation technology, Malovus is capable of also manifesting on these worlds as well.


The biochamber is composed entirely of organic substance- the walls, ceiling, and floor are made up of stomach-like material, and the rooms are each living, non-sentient organisms connected to various pipes and computers.

Central Cavity

The main area of the Biochamber. It is quite spacious, allowing Malovus more room for experiments.

Heart Chamber

The chamber that acts like a heart for the entire Biochamber complex, pumping the lifeblood that sustains it.

Womb Chamber

The chamber that has "given birth" to many of Malovus' creations, such as Thirteen and Orpheus.

Robotic Chamber

The robotic chamber is composed entirely of technology. Malovus has used this room to build a number of advanced war golems to use in battle.

AI Chamber

The AI chamber is the complex where Malovus himself usually resides. It contains a massive supercomputer, within which Malovus programmed his mind and even his soul with the assistance of complex Thaumaturgy.

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