Mara is a major antagonist in Project 9 - she was a dangerous revolutionary in South America who held similar views to the Sleepers, allowing Delilah and Warren sanctuary after they stumbled upon her camp following their escape from America following the events of Destroyer.

Working with Delilah and Warren Mara willingly mutated herself using extremely dangerous, experimental technology and became a volatile "ally" of the pair.

However the experiment also destabilized Mara's mind and  in less than a month following her change she grew to obsess over the Voice and his Golden Empire - far moreso than even the Sleepers: to the point the Voice-sympathiser, in her unbalanced state, began to literally feel as if she was in love with the dictator.


Mara was raised to glorify humanity as the "superior race" and was taught that aliens, superhumans and the current democratic regimes of the world were all inherently weak and that only the strong deserved to survive.

After being charged with several hate-crimes Mara broke away from society completely and formed a militant group known as Humanity First - dressing in psuedo-medieval white uniforms with cerimonial swords the group formed a base in South America and became a closed-community were hatred could fester.

Like many "human-centric" extremists Mara was fascinated with the events of Warcry and found the Golden Empire to be a regime that she could admire - although she lost a few followers in the process Mara would adopt more Golden Empire themes into Humanity First, such as a Crusader-style cross with a golden fist in the centre.

After the events of Destroyer Mara became aware of Delilah and Warren, who literally stumbled into her camp after fleeing America: she granted the pair sanctuary and with their aid she perfected an experimental process to enhance the body and mind: testing it on herself she would become what she refered to as an "ascended" human but also became mentally unstable as a result.



Powers / Abilities

  • Swordswoman (Mara is experienced in the use of small to mid-sized swords)
  • Authority (Mara is the leader of Humanity First, a terrorist organization with links to many other human-centric groups)
  • Telepathy (Mara can read and influence minds)
  • Telekinesis (Mara can move objects with her mind (up to the size of small cars) or create blasts of force, beams, force-fields and constructs)
  • Illusion-Casting (Mara can create realistic illusions in a limited radius)



The Council of Voices

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