Matilda is the second eldest of the four witches, Scyllia being older than her, Lily and Olivia being younger than she is. She's silent and rarely ever speaks (She has been shown to speak in front of her mother). To most, she's an oddity, as no one can truly gain anything from her. People believing she is either a mute or she just does not want to speak, or simply she is too 'dumb' as Scyllia says to speak.


Matilda assisted Olivia with magic at a point in her life, and also assisted Lily in such activity. She also normally lied to her mother about what Lily would be up to. Lily being the rebellious child would always ask her to make promises, which Matilda would later rather have not made.


Matilda is a kind individual at times, she also uite powerful, but also very silent. She does not speak much, and has rarely been shown to do such. She does not speak around Scyllia normally, but she does speak around her mother and sister Lily. She is hard to figure out and at times has a severely hard time trusting others.


  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Electrokinesis - Tier IV
  • Pyrokinesis - Tier III
  • Cyrokinesis - Tier III
  • Terrakinesis - Tier III
  • Shadowkinesis - Tier IV

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