"Of course, nothing gets done around here without my approval. Everything the King does are suggestions from me. Start any trouble and I'll pay a visit to the House of Misery. Make me angry and I'll contact the Cult of Iron. You'd do well to remember that, especially when making such a stupid observation."


Maven is an upcoming antagonist of Era II who's had some history dealing with otherworldy figures from her home-planet of Thyria. According to history, Maven once ruled the Nazlar nation, and didn't leave too much of an impression on her people but her influence politically and essentially as someone who has dealt in the darker arts of otherwordly workings; she has, in a way, rendered herself 'untouchable'.

Era II

Kerava and Maven are seen to have special relations, that of which help in bringing back Misery.


Maven is upright an crude woman, with an anger streak to match. She claims to actually still rule the Nazlar nation, as all of her suggestions go to the recent royal line, of whom are easily influenced by her. Outright cruel, she will occasionally contact her 'groups', or the ties she has connections to to be rid of someone or something. It is unknown how much she actually dabbles with the unknown, but she has made pacts with dark gods to be able to spread her own influence very widely.


Maven appears as rich, wealthy woman with dark brown hair and purple eyes, wearing a purple coat, cynical at best. She always has a condescending expression riddled upon her face. She also wears two bright blue earrings, and tends to hide a knife in her coat.


  • Political influence
  • Silver tongue

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