Omega - Metal Instrumental (Original Music)03:13

Omega - Metal Instrumental (Original Music)

"Number One Fan" - Maya's Theme

Maya is the only known member of the Alicorn species left in the universe, though others may exist and have yet to be found - she is also the main antagonist of the short story known as "Number One Fan".

Maya is an extremely powerful and insane enchantress who was once in love with a handsome prince who rejected her - already unstable the rejection outright broke her and she gave into her psychopathic tendencies, becoming a mad sorceress who specialized in causing havoc as the "number one fan" of random males she came across, trying to force them into "loving" her by cursing them and threatening their worlds.

Maya's latest victim would be Inferno Pendragon, who was also a member of the Pegacorn race - who resided on the same mystical island of Avalon as Maya's ancestors.

Powers / Abilities

Maya was a powerful enchantress as well as a naturally powerful being due to her Alicorn heritage, during the story she appeared in she demonstrated an astonishing array of powers such as:

  • Winged-Flight (Maya was capable of winged flight - though her other abilities meant she often teleported instead or simply altered her surroundings)
  • Teleportation (Maya could appear and reappear at will)
  • Size-Alteration (Maya could shrink others down to miniscule sizes)
  • Superhuman-Breath (Maya could amplify her voice into gale-force wind via magic)
  • Petrification (Maya could turn almost anything to stone with bolts of magic)
  • Draconic Form (Maya could transform into a large Chinese dragon)
  • Omniscience (Maya seemed to have knowledge on almost everyone, as well as events across the Multiverse)
  • Reality-Manipulation (Maya showed the ability to create items out of thin air and even cause music to play, effectively altering reality within a limited sphere)

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