Mephistopheles is one of the Seven Chaos Lords and a major antagonist in the Wicked universe - second only to Poppy in terms of antagonism he is arguably the Secondary Antagonist of the series as a whole, if not a Main Antagonist in his own right.

The Lord of Trickery, Mephistopheles is a true rogue who allies solely with himself and embodies high functioning chaotic evil in its most raw, terrible form.

Glad to stab previous allies in the back at the drop of a hat he is nevertheless smart enough to keep people around as long as they are of use to him and many foolish souls have become slaves to his will out of fear or greed.

Offering mortals lessons in thievery, deception, assasination and other "secret" arts Mephistopheles is a ruthless teacher who expects his students to excel - rewarding success with often excessive gifts and praise while punishing the slightest failure with unimaginable cruelty that can be directed at the student, loved ones or even complete strangers who happen to be in the area at the time.

For every gift Mephistopheles expects a reward in turn and he favors rituals involving betrayal, murder and sacrifice - failure to provide him with a reward can easily result in a formerly favored student being subjected to one of Mephistopheles many elaborate tortures for the amusement of the Chaos Lord.

As the Lord of Trickery Mephistopheles encourages lies and mistrust - he also has an affinity to vermin and his temples are filled with vermin that often feed on the rotting carcasses left over from the many sacrifices that the Chaos Lord commands from his followers.

Powers / Abilities

  • Lord of Trickery (Mephistopheles is an immortal who will exist for as long as deception and thievery persists in the universe - every act of deception or thievery also serves to feed the demon and as long as a single being betrays and steals from another Mephistopheles shall exist)
  • Dimensional-Control
  • Vermin Control (Mephistopheles is able to control and summon vermin of all kinds, though rats and insects are by far his favored - he can magically increase their size and intelligence as well as bestow lesser demonhood on vermin that he truly favors: he can also possess vermin and see through their eyes or spread rumors and lies, as well as disease and panic)
  • Assassination (Mephistopheles is the master of assassination and knows how to murder in silence and with minimum risk of discovery - poison, daggers, garroting and stealth are but a few deadly arts he has not only perfected but shared with mortals over the centuries)
  • Malefic (Mephistopheles is a master of the dark arts, able to utilize curses, hexes and evil enchantments as second nature)
  • Hell Lord (Mephistopheles is in command of his own hell-dimension and lesser demons, he can also turn others into lesser demons if they fall under his complete control)

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