Merfolk are the offspring of mortals and Selkie unions, unlike many such hybrids they are treated as equals by the Selkies and form strong bonds with their mother - who may take the form of a human for several years in order to raise her young.

Merfolk are raised as humans until they reach the age of fifteen (or sometimes older) - at which time they instinctively head into the sea and submerge themselves, undergoing a gradual transformation that can take anywhere from a couple of days to an entire year to take effect.

Species Traits

  • Shape Shifting (Merfolk can change shape from humans to the form most associated with the merfolk - a half-humanoid with the lower torso of a seal (often mistaken as a fish tail in modern fantasy) )
  • Merfolk Song (Merfolk can emit a "song" in moments of sorrow or distress that alerts nearby Selkies to their location - Selkies instinctively become aggressive upon hearing this "song" and will act to protect their kin)
  • Merfolk Sight (Merfolk can see (via visions) the activities of other Merfolk as well as Selkies)
  • Selkie-Blessed (all Merfolk, upon reaching maturity, gain what's known as the Selkie-Blessing - which allows them to enter Hildaland and locate other Merfolk as well as sense the presence of Selkies)

Prominent Members