The Midnight Dragon-Flight are the eldest of the many dragon factions in existence, dating back 2.6 billion years and originating from the unfathomable power of Ebonscale, to whom they still pay homage.

Midnight Dragons exist to feed upon death and destruction, being the most sadistic and violent of the Dragon-Flights, they are also one of the few draconic factions that are comfortable with slaying their own kind and indeed Ebonscale alone has murdered some of the most prominent members of rival Dragon-Flights: such as the Twilight Dragon known as Dusk.

Midnight Dragons have zero remorse or pity and do not hold back for anyone or anything - males of the species will murder without reason while females are known to be heavily involved in slavery, both are highly aggressive and exceptionally cruel.

They are a small Dragon-Flight, which is just as well since members of this Dragon-Flight dwarf most other dragons - being truly gargantuan creatures fuelled by unthinkable malice: their glowing green eyes have given rise to the popular expression amongst mortals of the "green-eyed monster" (a reference to their vindictive and petty nature).