Miyako is a hebi: A Yōkai with the ability to transform between human and serpent forms- not to be confused with the Wandering Spirit Hebi, likely from which her type of Yōkai is named. She is often accompanied by her kitsune partner Satoshi, despite their distinct differences in personality. She first appears in Oni Quest, harboring a deep, near-obsessive hatred for Onibaba.


Miyako is cold, distant, and introverted, rarely speaking to others or even appearing before others. She possesses an obsessive hatred for Onibaba, seeking possible methods to destroy the demonic Yōkai witch.

Miyako often prefers to remain in human form, unlike her partner Satoshi who prefers to often remain in his animal form.

She dresses entirely in black, with only her face exposed. Her pupils are slit.


  • Serpent-Form (Miyako can change into the form of a serpent)
  • Serpent-Senses (Miyako's senses of smell, taste, and sight all increase in her serpent form)
  • Venom (Miyako's serpent form possesses a venomous bite)
  • Throwing-Weapon Mastery (Miyako's human form is capable of wielding kunai and shuriken with distinction and deadly accuracy)

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