Momma Bear was a savage drug-dealer, gang-leader and thief who terrorised the inner-cities until she fought with the Liberator and Freedom-Striker, ever since then she has devoted her time and efforts into tracking down the two antiheroes and making them pay for ruining her plans: she is one of the Liberator's most brutal and vicious opponents.


Born into poverty and learning fast that society was still very unjust the young girl who would become Momma Bear began exhibiting problems from an early age, bullying others and getting into fights - as she grew older her behaviour only got worse and by the time she was in her teens she was already on the run from the law after paralysing a fellow student for making fun of her dress, taking to the streets she took to selling drugs and forming her own gang - which she ruled with an iron-fist and eventually graduated to robbing banks and mugging people as her thirst for wealth and power increased.

Taking on the name "Momma Bear" due to her large figure and intimidating strength she was confident of her power and terrorised the inner-cities - that was until Freedom-Striker came her way and began to interfer with her plans: at first Momma Bear was attracted to the antihero but soon grew angered by his continual interference and when he took down her gang she placed him on her list of "things to kill" - later she would encounter the Liberator during an attempt to rekindle her criminal empire and she instantly took an intense dislike of her: the two striking numerous blows before Liberator managed to gain an upperhand and forced Momma Bear to flee, swearing she'd come back and kill her later.

The current whereabouts of Momma Bear are unknown but authorities have issued a statement that she is highly dangerous and should not be approached.

Appearances In The Villains RPG Universe

Momma Bear will not be encountered until the New Kids On The Block saga, where she shall have a minor role.


Momma Bear is fairly slow-moving but is as strong as an athlete and can absorb more damage the normal for a human - she is also capable of exploiting pressure-points and weak-spots in the body so as to cripple or kill her opponents with a single blow.

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