The Monarchy are the rulers of Wonderland, having been in power for many centuries they were the ones responsible for changing most of Wonderland into the diverse realm it is today via slaying the more powerful of The Hatter's minions and reclaiming the ancient lands for humanity and its allies.


  1. Sangria (current Monarch - yet to defeat an aspect of Hatter) <takes throne as of Shadow of The Red Queen>
  2. Red (Monarch from 2013 to - defeated the Big Bad Wolf) <thought dead by her people as of Wolves At The Door>
  3. King Cole (Monarch from 1913 to 2013 - defeated ???) <slain by Red>
  4. Paul Bunyon (Monarch from 1433 to 1913 - defeated Cormoran) <died of old age>
  5. ??? (Monarch from 1183 to 1433) <slain in battle>
  6. ??? (Monarch from 1033 to 1183) <assassinated>
  7. ??? (Monarch from 553 to 1033) <died of old age>
  8. Mousey Brown (Monarch from 403 to 553 - defeated ???) <assassinated> (last of the "Beast Kings")
  9. Frog Prince (Monarch from 3 to 403 - defeated ???) <slain in battle>
  10. Jack Frost (Monarch from 197 BC to 3) <overthrown> (infamous as the "traitor-king")
  11. Mother Hubbard (Monarch from 303 BC to 197 BC - defeated ???) <died of old age>
  12. Prince Charming (Monarch from 703 BC to 303 BC - defeated ???) <slain in battle>
  13. Rapunzel (Monarch from 1203 BC to 703 BC - defeated ???) <died of old age>
  14. Cinderella (Monarch from 1553 BC to 1203 BC - defeated ???) <slain in battle>
  15. Snow White (Monarch from 1983 BC to 1553 BC- defeated Wishing Well) <slain in battle>
  16. Alice (first Monarch (2583 BC to 1983 BC) - defeated Jabberwocky) <slain in battle> (revealed to be alive as of post-Shift era)

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