"For as long as their has been stories I have been around to make sure nobody ever lives "happily ever after"..." ~ Morgana Le Fay

Morgana Le Fay is the most wicked of witches, the vicious hag who lures children to their doom or the exotic temptress that drags men to their fate - appearing in many stories across the multiverse she is a powerful demonic being with a lengthy history behind her..


Since the beginning of time stories have been told of witches, ranging from frightening hags with unimaginable power to youthful enchantresses who snatched away the innocence of even the most hardened of heroes - these witches came in all shapes and sizes but each one shared a common desire to ruin the world around themselves.

The creature known as Morgana Le Fay claims she was the origin of most of these tales, having been known by many names, the Wicked Stepmother, the Evil Queen, the Sea-Witch, Baba Yaga and countless others.

Once a free-roaming demon feared across the multiverse she was cast into the depths of Tartarus by Merlin after she and her son, Mordred, succeeded in bringing down King Arthur and the city of Camelot.

Yet evil such as Morgana Le Fay does not ever truly die and soon the depths of Tartarus will be broken asunder as centuries of waiting finally grant the "Great Witch" the chance to break free and walk amongst mortal life once more..


Despite being described as a witch Morgana Le Fay tends to manifest as a strikingly beautiful young woman with flowing gold hair, fair skin and haunting green eyes - she is dressed in a flowing white dress and radiates so much raw magic that she appears almost angelic to the untrained eye: this hides her true nature as a creature of absolute darkness.


Morgana Le Fay is a demon of unimaginable power - it took the heroic efforts of Merlin himself to finally vanquish her into Tartus and even then he only succeeded due to her leaving her small sea-cave off the shors of England, within this sea-cave she was akin to a force of nature and could not be harmed: however for all her limitless power she is capable of being overpowered by sufficient force and has a particular weakness to attacks based on faith or kindness, which are like poison to her twisted form.

  • Omni-Magic (particularly talented with black magic)

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