Morpheus was once a former Balance-Keeper, before he went rogue for unknown reasons and turned into an agent of imbalance. It is strongly hinted that he is related to Eclipse in some way.

Morpheus will make his first appearance in the story Return to Order, where it is evident that he has had some previous encounter with Arbiter.

Although Morpheus' arsenal of powers contains the powerful force of Imbalance, he prefers to act in secrecy, and has influence over sleep, dreams, and visions, which he will use against his victims. Morpheus also has a strong connection to The Dreamlands, and is a disciple of Nyarlathotep. He has control over many of the Great Old Ones, most notably Cthulhu.

Morpheus also has a deep connection to Hecate that will be revealed in time.


Morpheus was the very first Dreamer- a being who could freely enter and leave The Dreamlands and bypass Yog-Sothoth's gate without having to dream. He discovered this ability as a young child a great many ages before the present day. Excited by this discovery, he shared his abilities with his close friend, allowing her to become the second Dreamer. They called the realm they had found the Dreamlands, and spent a number of happy days together within.



  • Imbalance (Morpheus can manipulate Imbalance, which is the opposite of Balance)
  • Shape-Shifter (Morpheus can alter his form in a number of ways)
  • Darkness (Morpheus has control over darkness)
  • Sleep (Morpheus can put his adversaries to sleep)
  • Dream/Vision Manipulation (Morpheus can enter the minds of those asleep and manipulate their dreams, or create visions for those who are awake)
  • Illusions (Morpheus can create vividly realistic illusions that can affect multiple people at once)
  • Dimensional Transcendence (Morpheus can pass through from one dimension to the next)
  • Mind Animation (Morpheus can read the mind of his victims, and bring their thoughts into the real world)
  • Psyche-Merge (Morpheus can literally merge himself with the minds of his victims, unleashing the horrors within into the real world.)


Morpheus is the Greek god of dreams.

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