Morrighan is a Celtic war-goddess who works with and against other gods to further her goals of perpetual warfare - she is an antagonist in the Absolute Wars dungeon-crawler game and is also a part of Villains Lore, being an on-and-off lover / rival to Warmonger and a fellow Agent of Violence .



Powers / Abilities

  • Immortality (Morrighan can not die as long as conflict exists)
  • Incarnation (Morrighan is a physical embodiment of a higher-force and has enhanced physiology as well as heightened awareness of the cosmic world)
  • Master of Combat (Morrighan is a master of all armed and unarmed combat - able to master any form of fighting or weaponry with little to no training, her status as a war-goddess allowing her to instinctively know how to make the best use of any given weapon or fighting style)
  • Blade of Battle (Morrighan's blade is enchanted so as to drain the life of enemies as well as lower their defences on a mystical level - in addition to being extremely sharp and virtually indestructible)
  • Battle-Magic (Morrighan is a master of battle-magic and can appear as a giant crow with iron-talons, a dragon or a living cloud of violence - other manifestations of her battle-magic include: making it rain blood in a localized area, empowering soldiers with enchanted armor and weaponry, creation of mystical war-mounts, size-alteration, astral-projection, command over lesser spirits of war and the ability to feed off conflict so as to manifest even greater magical abilities.)

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