Heather Walker -> Mother Cyclone


Mother Cyclone's "basic" form

Mother Cyclone is a future-incarnation of Heather Walker after she broke away from the ISDF in order to continue work on the Cyclones after the machines were finally outlawed even within the radical ISDF. She will make her first full appearance in Last Stand.




Evil Techno - Alone in a Frozen Abandoned City03:34

Evil Techno - Alone in a Frozen Abandoned City

Mother Cyclone's (un)official theme

Having turned her back on ISDF law Mother Cyclone (formerly Heather) now devotes herself entirely to the Cyclones, who she not only treats as children but also now openly forms extremely strong emotional bonds with them that goes beyond even obsession in intensity.

Mother Cyclone views both superhumans and "base-liners" with neutrality - wishing to work with both sides but also being completely willing to engage in unspeakable atrocities against both sides should they endanger the Cyclones or if she feels the need for training exercises to benefit the Cyclone cause.

Powers / Abilities

Heather is a Human/Fire-Dragon hybrid with Alicorn heritage, granting her a number of abilities:

  • Shape-Shifting (Heather can take the form of a human female, a Fire-Dragon, an Alicorn or a combination of either)*
  • Fire-Breath (Heather can emit fire from her mouth much like a normal Fire-Dragon would)*
  • Blade-Wing (when in her human-form Heather has a concealed wing made out of sharp blades which she can sprout at any time and fire said blades like spikes)*
  • Omni-Sight (Heather can see in all spectrums as well as see things that are invisible or hidden, even across dimensional-barriers)
  • Regeneration (Heather can regenerate quickly from life-threatening disease, injuries or similar)

In addition her new Mother Cyclone persona has the following traits:

  • Cyclone Mastery (she has a psychic link to all Cyclones in existence and can command them from great distances)
  • Cyclone Fusion (she can fuse Cyclones together to create new beings and even merge with Cyclones herself to create powerful alternate-forms)
  • Cyclone Genesis (she can create Cyclones from herself using advanced nanite-technology)

(NOTE:- abilities in bold and marked with a * are no longer functional due to her Cyclone form)

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