Mother Earth
is the embodiment of the planet Earth and one of the Absolutes, she has existed as long as the planet Earth and is one of the "Endless Daughters" - Absolutes who embody every star and planet in the universe (all of whom are considered "children" to Father Time and Sister Space).

She is a Neutral being who will work with and against other Absolutes and Cosmic Beings - being primarily concerned with her own survival but also accepting of the fact that she, like all things, will eventually perish.

As mentioned above Mother Earth is the "daughter" of Father Time and Sister Space, being the embodiment of a planet - she is also the "sister" of Sister Moon, who was formed at roughly the same time as she was.

Powers / Abilities

  • Eternal (as long as the planet Earth remains, so too will Mother Earth)
  • Incarnation (Mother Earth can incarnate at will as any member of any nation on Earth or even as animals or humanoid representations of forces of nature found in Earth (such as the sea or sky) )
  • Manifestation (Mother Earth normally manifests as a non-physical entity that can take the shape of any being or organism found on Earth as well as forces of nature, while Manifesting she is not limited to physical shape and thus can appear as vast, complex constructs such as living rainclouds or faces on the side of mountains and hills)
  • Omnipresence (Mother Earth can manifest anywhere on the planet Earth but can not extend her influence further)
  • Omniscience (Mother Earth has vast, almost unlimited knowledge on beings and events from across the multiverse)
  • Planetary Control (Mother Earth has access to all terrakinesis, zephyrkinesis, aquakinesis, pyrokinesis, biokinesis, cyrokinesis, phytokinesis and electrokinesis abilities - however as the embodiment of the planet Earth her range of influence is limited to Earth's upper-atmosphere and can not extend further)
  • Destiny Force (Mother Earth also has a connection to the Destiny Force due to Earth being infused with Destiny Force)

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